How do I choose the right leader for our organisation?

Alison Budden | Director | MCA group

Planting a seed in the right soil and providing it with the right amount of water and sunlight is like making a good hiring decision: it sets the stage for growth and success.

Finding the right leader for the right role is essential for any business to succeed and thrive. A poor leader could cost you financially, through unwanted key people turnover and reputationally. It is important to know that the person you are bringing on board has the necessary skills, experience and attitude to lead your business to reach its goals. It can be a challenge to find this leader, especially in a competitive job market, as outlined in the following example.

A company  we were working with was in desperate need of a strong and reliable leader who could bring credibility and growth to the organisation. To ensure that they recruited the right person, they held an extensive candidate search process which included preliminary interviews with potential candidates. We conducted psychometric evaluation of a short-list from the wider field, which informed and focused the next round of interviews, and clarified the areas to explore in discussions with nominated referees. These components ensured that they found the ideal individual who shared their vision for success and had a proven track record of successful leadership roles.

MCA have a proven approach to selecting the best candidate. Following is an overview of how to identify the right candidate for your organisation and tips for finding and selecting the best fit for each position.

What do I need to look for?

Finding the right leader for a role does not have to be a daunting task. Knowing what to look for in choosing a prospective leader can help you make the perfect hire. This includes considering the fit with company culture, as the wrong hire can set your business back and damage morale. On the other hand, if you get the right person, they could be a great asset to your organisation and help drive it forward and make it better.

The hiring process should begin long before a job listing is posted with a well written and current position description and clear summary of the key qualities a successful candidate will need to demonstrate.

By taking a holistic look at every potential candidate, you can make informed decisions about who to appoint for each job. Consideration should include not just their academic qualifications but also elements such as soft skills and their attitude and fit with your culture. You should seek to identify whether the available role will better suit a candidate based on their interests, experience, strengths and weaknesses.

How does psychometric assessment help?

To make the best choice, assessing a candidate’s personality and attitude through psychometric testing, as well as through interviews, is recommended as part of the selection process. 

Psychometric assessment is an important tool than can help to ensure that the right person fills the right role. It can provide you with invaluable information about potential employees, such as how they are likely to respond to different workplace situations and tasks. Psychometric assessments evaluate a candidate’s abilities and preferred work and learning style and provide you with a reliable insight into their cognitive strengths, weaknesses, and preferences.  For example, an assessment can identify whether someone has strong problem-solving skills or strong communication skills.  A well-designed assessment process allows you to further evaluate individuals objectively against the criteria that you have already established.

This helps you make informed decisions to select the individual best suited for the position at hand, especially where the position is a key senior or executive leader role.

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