Executive leadership development programs

Graham Andrewartha| Director| MCA-group

The Executive team at one of our client companies was struggling to meet the necessary standards, only focusing on operational tasks instead of developing more strategic planning. As a result, the CEO decided that it was time to invest in leadership development programs for all executives. Through workshops, lectures and one-on-one coaching sessions, the executives learned invaluable skills on topics ranging from effective communication strategies to understanding organisational dynamics. They were assisted to hone their skills in areas such as communication, logic, problem-solving, critical thinking and decision making.

These programs provide executives with the skills, knowledge and abilities to successfully lead their teams and organisations forward.  They need to concentrate on the organisation’s executive leadership qualities.  Executives must be able to think strategically, lead effectively, create positive organisational change, and remain competitive in an ever-changing global market. 

Executive leadership programs are like a toolbox filled with the tools and skills needed to succeed in the business world. With the right tools for each job, a leader can create innovative solutions to complex problems.

Executive Leadership

Leadership development programs equip executives with a wide range of practical tools designed to help them succeed in their roles. They learn how to create effective strategies that will drive success for their organisation. They hone their decision-making skills and become better communicators to ensure maximum productivity from their team members. Through these activities, they develop a strong sense of emotional intelligence which is essential for guiding colleagues through difficult times or situations. This understanding is critical to ensuring that the organisation’s strategy aligns with its business model and cultural values.

What can we learn from this? It’s all about people, right?

In a word, yes. 

A well-structured program can help corporate leaders develop new skills and perspectives that will drive innovation, improve business performance, and encourage collaboration. That said, there are many things to consider when putting together a leadership program.

Here are four key elements of a successful executive development program:

1. The Right Approach

After the program is decided upon, the next step is to determine the best approach for executive development. There are two options: In-house and external. Post Covid the increase in external programs via remote Teams or Zoom sessions has become popular. Skillfully used, this methodology is cheaper and can be conducted in short 2 hour sessions. These can be combined with assessments, and supplementary homework activities.

2. The Right Fit

The leader and the leadership coach should be part of the oraganisation’s ongoing executive coaching program. They’re not a one-time event. Leaders must keep learning and developing throughout their careers. A healthy development program will require ongoing coaching to make sure they are staying on track and building on their strengths. The measures for this and the coaching reinforce that understanding and implementation.

3.  The Right Time

The organisation and the executive leader need to commence the program when it is of most benefit to all parties. It needs to factor in other organisational imperatives and the  leader need to have the time and commitment to engage. The best programs usually involve developing the  whole executive team in the same program.

4.  The Right KPIs

It’s important to have a clear, specific KPIs for the executive development program. The coach and the leader need to understand the expectations and the goals need to be specific enough to be measurable.

Benefits of Leadership Development Programs

The importance of executive leadership development programs cannot be understated. An effective executive leader sets the tone for their team and can have an immense impact on the success of their organisation. Executive leadership programs are designed to help leaders develop the necessary skills needed to create a productive workplace. By providing executives with the tools to become more successful, these programs foster strong leadership within businesses and organisations. Additionally, they equip executives with the ability to manage change, build relationships, and inspire innovation.

It is important to monitor the program’s effectiveness. In order to ensure these programs are being used effectively and for the purpose for which they were intended, an organisation needs to measure the results and impact of the program.


“Leadership is the capacity to create a work environment in such a way

that each person is uniquely motivated to

achieve the organisational goals and feel recognised for so doing.”

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