In business today there is nothing worse than being overlooked. It is five times more negative than direct criticism and the bad feeling it engenders can last for weeks, eating away at our confidence, making us feel irrelevant.

In Be Understood or Be Overlooked, Graham Andrewartha outlines the home truths of workplace psychology so you can communicate effectively. He takes us on a journey of self-discovery, revealing the critical differences we face in understanding each other.

Our evolutionary patterns provide us with the means to connect with others with trust and respect, which is the real basis of attaining Mastery in influence and communication. The concepts discussed in this book are neither new nor momentous. They are very simple common-sense aspects of human communication. They connect with our history and integrate non- verbally with basic influence and trust. Thoughtful self-awareness based on these concepts (with some continuing practise) will enable you to develop your management skills to achieve Communication Mastery.
This way you will always be understood and certainly not overlooked.

Graham Andrewartha

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Praise for Be Understood or Be Overlooked

Fortunately, there are people like Graham Andrewartha, who can help us to be better understood. Be Understood or Be Overlooked is an engaging journey into the intricacies of human interaction. Readers will learn an immediately applicable and eminently useful model that can be applied both at home and at work. It is a book that readers will return to often, especially at those moments when they’ve strayed into incomprehensible communication pitfalls. Cleverly designed, with practical exercises to help master key concepts, it is a book that provides a reliable map to communication.

It is a great honour for me to introduce this important work from an esteemed colleague and innovative expert.

Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D - Director, The Milton Erickson Foundation Phoenix AZ

We all know good communication is essential to good relationships - at work and home – yet how many of us get it right? Be Understood or Be Overlooked is written with insight, humor, and a deep knowledge of the subject. It could help change your life.

Anne Deveson - Author and filmmaker

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