Your Communication ID

“The Influence Dimensions assessment empowers individual and leadership effectiveness, while assisting people
to take personal responsibility for maintaining healthy workplace relationships.”

Peter Andrewartha
MCA group Director

What is the Influence Dimensions?

Influence Dimensions is the leading assessment of communication used by individuals and organisations.

Evidence-based, Australian developed and extensively tested and validated, Influence Dimensions was originally created by a team of Psychologists from MCA group in 1988 and has been regularly updated since that time.

This online 35-item questionnaire measures six (6) dimensions of communication style and behaviour, as well as people’s preferred perceptual system. This provides an individual with their unique Communication ID.

Influence Dimensions is a behavioural measure and not a personality test. The majority of clients who switched over to Influence Dimensions were disappointed with the personality measures that they had commonly used.

They reported that they not only found these measures to be confusing and inaccurate, but more importantly the measures did not address the core issue of how people can effectively communicate, engage and influence each other in the workplace.

With over 40 years’ experience in organisational consultancy MCA group has found the most commonly reported problem by clients is “communication”. While the majority of us believe that we are excellent communicators, the largest component of our consulting work with clients relates to people misunderstanding each other.

We wanted to create a process that would generate awareness and increase effective communication at the very beginning. Influence Dimensions was the result.

Influence Dimensions is based on the interpersonal skills theory and practice of two independent specialists, Albert Mehrabian and Dr Milton Erickson. Mehrabian was a research psychologist who specialised in the nature and potency of communication. Erickson studied and lectured extensively on the nature and power of nonverbal communication.


Whether in senior leadership, management or team member positions, most of us are aware that wherever we see effective working relationships and people getting things done we will find good communicators. The opposite also seems to be true: at work, most of us identify poor communication as a significant factor in organisational and individual problems.

Our ability to communicate well and influence others is a vital part of our working lives and of such importance to our organisations that it is well worth trying to improve our personal communication performance. This is easier said than done, however, as many of those who have completed courses in communication are aware. We often find it difficult to improve in the area of communication practice, and this also makes it hard to improve in related areas such as teamwork, leadership, coaching and decision-making, all of which depend to a certain extent on how effectively we listen and speak to others.

Influence Dimensions is used in the following organisational settings:

  • Organisational communciation profiling
  • Executive and leadership development and coaching
  • Team development
  • Team building
  • Managing diversity
  • Holding difficult discussions
  • Conflict resolution
  • Recruitment
  • Job matching

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