As a forward-thinking leader, you are always looking at ways to improve your skills and techniques. You have a high level of knowledge about how to get the best from your people, and you are successful in achieving your goals.

Yet in spite of your skills and knowledge, there are still breakdowns in communication, frustrating misunderstandings, and interpersonal difficulties that you just can’t seem to overcome. These barriers and roadblocks disrupt the smooth running of your business, wasting valuable time, energy, and money.

As a Psychologist working with business leaders, Graham Andrewartha understands that the reason these difficulties arise is because leaders bring their personal values, drivers, and biases into the workplace.

All too often, this key component of leadership development is not considered, placing leaders on the back foot with everything from culture to conflict resolution to creating cohesive teams.

Graham’s passion for helping individuals and organisations overcome barriers to change has led him to write his third book, Looking Up, Looking In.

Graham draws on his vast experience as a Psychologist with over 35 years working with a wide variety of professional and personal clients, and training with world experts in the field, as well as his own leadership skills, honed as senior partner of MCA group, Past President of the Australian Human Resource Institute, and Adjunct Research Fellow in leadership at the University of South Australia. Graham addresses the unhelpful learned behaviours that inhibit truly influential leadership, and shows you how to build on your positive behaviours to effectively overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of effective communication and connection in the workplace.

In this book you will learn how to:

• create positive mindset shifts

• develop empathic leadership

• recognise your influence style

• overcome limiting thoughts

• build trustworthy communication

This comprehensive guide to developing influential leadership is a must-read for any innovative leader wanting to take their skills, and their business, to the next level.

$40 + GST

Praise for Looking Up, Looking In

Over nearly 40 years I have had the pleasure of working with some truly wise leaders. Common to all were attributes such as self-awareness, courage, candour, and respect. Each also had the ability to engage their emotions, whether to connect, create or strategise. Leading in this way fostered trust, that which builds bridges across siloed structures and minds, and creates an enabling environment that allows people to flourish. The ability to look up, out and in is often confronting, but always enriching. Graham’s book, Looking Up, Looking In, examines some of the key qualities which allow us to do so, but then he goes on to tie them to the skills involved in influential leadership practice. In doing so he offers the reader a practical guideline for reflecting on the first, and building on the second, on their journey along their leadership path.

Dr Fiona Kerr - Founder and Director, The NeuroTech Institute

Looking Up, Looking In is a practical, very real and motivating MUST read. Graham’s insights and advice have led to renewed self-reflection on how I function in life generally but also how I lead my family and staff working in my businesses. More importantly, this book offers direction on how to improve my shortcomings. We are all WIP and no more so than when we head up organisations. This guiding book has assisted me and will assist you, to be better, do better and become a more empathetic and effective person in life and as a business leader. A strongly recommended read!

Ennio J Mercuri - Managing Director, Ennio Group of Companies

Looking Up, Looking In is part of a new movement to transform leadership and personal development. The scary fact is that most leadership development programs do not effectively develop leaders. One of the primary reasons for this is that these programs have largely ignored the part of leader that controls how a leader processes and operates: the mind. The absence of the mind in leadership development is largely due to the fact that until 2005 we didn’t know much about the mind of a leader. Fortunately, since 2005, we have learned more about the mind than all of time before that. This is now leading to transformational books like this that finally integrate the mind into leadership development. Thus, if you want to practice cutting-edge leadership and personal development ideas, this book is for you.

Ryan Gottfredson PhD - Leadership Professor and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Success Mindsets

Looking Up, Looking In gives us a great, easy-to-use roadmap for becoming more effective leaders. You’ll enjoy the real-life examples and practical steps you can put to use with your team and your family today!

Pete Walsh - Master Coach, Peak Workout Business Coaching, Arizona

Looking Up, Looking In gives you the tools to make changes in the way you interact with people to improve your relationship with them. It inspires leaders or anyone who seeks to improve their impact with others. It is full of practical and easily applied guidance and tools.

Danielle Jiranek - General Manager People and Culture, Beyond Bank

Leadership isn't just about a training course – it takes commitment to change. In Looking Up Looking In Graham brings his decades of experience as both a psychologist and leadership coach to provide a practical pathway to changing beliefs and behaviours that hold us back from being better leaders.

Sean Lloyd - International strategy and risk expert

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