Developing influential communicators

“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood.”

Ralph Nicholls

We all think we communicate very well, but few of us do. Miscommunication is the default position and people often find listening with curiosity difficult. Communication isn’t just about speaking. We communicate with our whole body. While influential speaking is a quality to be mastered, true communication involves capturing non-verbal messages, tone of voice, context, expectation, and bias.

Influence Dimensions

Your Communication ID

Communication is the biggest problem in workplaces – this unique communication profile teaches you how to best read, understand and influence others.

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Enhancing your influential communication

Misunderstandings and disagreements waste your time and money.

We have a unique approach to building effective influential communication.

Making difficult conversations constructive

People avoid these and the cost is tremendous.

We get buy in to take small risks in constructively navigating hard discussions.

Influencing stakeholders

The biggest reason that projects fail is that confidence is lost between stakeholders.

We will show you how to embed stakeholder engagement in your work.

Developing trusting relationships

While people usually rate competence as more important in a work context, it is actually trust that is the most important element. Without trust, relationships falter.

We embed trust in your communication.