Developing influential leaders

“Leadership is the capacity to create a work environment in such a way that each person is uniquely motivated to achieve the organisational goals and feel recognised for so doing.”

Susan McPhee

MCA group Director

The importance of strong and positive leadership is universally acknowledged, as is the cost of poor leadership. The quality of leadership can make or break an organisation, sets the tone of workplace culture, and more often than not determines whether or not good staff stay or go.

Leadership coaching and development

Q: “What if we invest in our leaders and they leave?”

A: “What if we don’t and they stay?”

Our contemporary coaching approach works.

Psychometric assessment for leadership recruitment

If despite your efforts you have recruited a poor leader, you already know the costs.

We help our clients avoid this costly mistake.

MCA 360 Leadership Assessment

The MCA 360 Leadership Assessment (MCA 360) is an invaluable online tool for organisations to use in the development and evaluation of your leadership group.

Click here to see more about our process.


Managing challenging behaviours and performance

No one likes performance management and few do it well.

We have approaches people actually appreciate.

Succession planning and talent mapping

Without investing in our leadership succession when good leaders leave the vacuum can be costly.

With our succession plan process and simple talent mapping this gap won’t occur.

Expert leadership advisory support

Occasionally Boards and Executive teams wish they could explore and discuss the business or critical situations in an open way with no pressure or judgement. We enable this.