An MCA 360 is like a full circle, providing a comprehensive view of performance from all angles and perspectives.

The MCA 360 assessment evaluates a leader’s performance from multiple perspectives, including line managers, peers, direct reports, other key stakeholders, and self-evaluation, to create a comprehensive picture of leadership capability.  Distillation and analysis of this feedback provides a deep understanding of strengths and opportunities to assist improved performance.

What is the MCA 360?

The MCA 360 process is exclusively designed by our psychologists, who have extensive experience working with organisational leadership, to be uniquely tailored to your organisation’s leadership competencies and culture. You can create your unique individual or organisational MCA 360 by including a selection of leadership dimensions from the validated suite of 52 leadership competencies, and the 10 questions that explore each of these elements.

These qualities include people management, communicating effectively, strategic focus, marketing, change management, results focus, research leadership, managing conflict, motivating others, and building effective teams. The MCA 360 includes a benchmark comparison from our databank of over 400 senior leaders who have completed the process. This enables each participant to compare their performance against this aspirational standard.

The tool can be used with all levels of leadership including board directors, chief executives, c-suite executives, directors, and people leaders.

Responses are de-identified in the report and debrief.

Benefits of MCA 360

An MCA 360 assessment is a highly effective method for identifying a leaders’ strengths and areas for development and can provide powerful insights to inform leadership coaching and development programs. It provides valuable feedback about how a person leads and communicates and how other people experience them, allowing for greater self-awareness and growth. The MCA 360 is an excellent tool to better understand the individual’s:

  • Leadership styles, strengths, and development areas
  • Communication strengths and weaknesses
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Performance management skills
  • Delegation skills
  • Motivation of others
  • Emotional intelligence competencies for a variety of leadership roles

Individual 360 leadership Reports

Each report presents the feedback in multiple ways to assist understanding and application, including graphs of all ratings for each dimension selected and the mean score for the raters of the leader. It also plots the scatter of scores for each question against each dimension. The 5 questions that received the highest and lowest scores from each rating group are also presented.

The debriefing session involving the leader and an experienced MCA professional assists understanding of the report, reinforces strengths, and establishes priority actions for development.

For a view of a sample MCA 360 report click here.

Implementing an MCA 360 Process

  1. The process is initiated by an appropriate senior leader, which could include the CEO, People and Culture Director, HR Manager or other executive lead.
  2. In conjunction with MCA, and the leader involved, select up to seven relevant leadership competencies from the range provided.
  3. The commissioning leader nominates the leader or leaders from their organisation who will undertake the assessment process and the upline manager, five or six peers, five or six direct reports, and customers or stakeholders, if desired, from whom they would like to seek feedback about each leader.
  4. MCA creates the online questionnaire to be used by all participants and instructions are emailed to the nominated leaders and each rater.
  5. When the completed assessment surveys are returned, MCA generates a comprehensive report on the assessed leader.
  6. A confidential debriefing session with the assessed leader is then facilitated to ensure the report is fully understood and to clarify any questions the leader may have. It may be agreed that the process includes a report for the leader’s manager. In this case, a separate debriefing can be arranged.


Given the significant impact that an effective 360 review can have on a leaders’ development, it is important to select the most suitable 360 methodology to match your organisational culture and leadership goals.

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