Influencing organisational wellbeing

“There is no health without mental health, and no organisational success without a mentally healthy workplace.”

Peter Andrewartha

MCA group Director

All business is personal, where people’s personal lives and work lives are not as separate as they would like to think. People who are happy and healthy deliver the best work performance. We see this as the key to achieving organisational excellence. This is not created by ‘off the shelf’ wellbeing programs; it requires depth and individual attention for sustainable performance. Wellbeing is a key driver of organisational success, not an add-on ‘nice to have’.

Organisational, team and individual wellbeing

‘Off the shelf’ and disjointed wellbeing initiatives never lead to lasting change.

If you want to embed sustainable wellbeing practices in your organisation, give us a call.

Psychological counselling

At work and at home effective counselling can literally be a life saver.

As advanced EAP providers, and for those seeking individual counselling support, our Psychologists provide this skill.

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Psychological safety and risk prevention

The greatest risks and costs to employers right now are psychological – bullying and harassment complaints, stress claims, staff conflict, behavioural issues, underperformance and complex health or psychological complaints.

We mitigate these risks.

Conflict resolution

Unresolved workplace conflict impacts individuals, destroys team morale, and interferes with productivity.

We both understand the dynamics at play, and address these through mediation, facilitated discussion and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Workplace investigations

Bullying and sexual harassment allegations usually produce two responses: “it couldn’t happen here” and “let’s get the lawyers immediately.”

Our workplace process has been highly praised for fairness and clarity.

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