Influencing your wellbeing

“People do not come into therapy to change their past, but their future.”

Milton Erickson


“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

Carl Rogers


At work and at home effective counselling can literally be a life saver. As advanced EAP providers and for those seeking counselling support, our Psychologists provide this skill.

Psychological Counselling and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

The first meeting with one of our psychologists is always unique. There is no formula.

We match what you present, gradual or fast, hesitant or full on. We aim to achieve a practical outcome on each visit.

It is ok (and we encourage it) to ask questions of your psychologist before or at your first meeting.

Employee Assistance Program

Our comprehensive EAP is a professional counselling service that offers short-term, solution-focussed support for work-related and personal issues.

The confidential service is contracted by employers to help in providing a safe, healthy and harmonious working environment in which employees can perform their duties effectively at their full potential.


Sometimes you may become lost in the pace of change and the complexity of life. You may also find it difficult to sort things out on your own and you may not want to share your sense of vulnerability with family and friends.

Our team are experienced Psychologists who can help if you are experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, life stress or a broad range of other issues.


This is a time of major change and challenge both for you and your adolescent. It is also a time when some mental health issues may emerge, which are best treated before they escalate into more serious and chronic conditions.

Our Psychologists will work with you and your adolescent to help develop effective techniques for managing a range of adolescent issues, including two of the most common issues which are adolescent depression and anxiety.


Many people are finding that they are living longer but not happier. Establishing goals and continuing to grow and develop are part of the process for experiencing joy and happiness.

Changes in relationships, health, everyday routines can be both liberating and challenging.

Psychological Assessment

It is a structured way of making sense of your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and abilities to assist with making informed life choices that are right for you.

These can be vocational, remedial and treatment, or developmental choices to name but a few.


Have you ever wondered whether you have short changed yourself and whether there is the potential to profit from further training or educational opportunities?

Are you unhappy in your current work and wanting to have some input to assist in making changes?

A comprehensive assessment will allow you to make informed decisions about your future.

We provide adult assessments using contemporary psychometric measures to assist career and life planning.


During this time of change and challenge most adolescents and their parents are also expected to make major decisions about their future. Good decisions are those based on fact. At this age past performance is limited in its ability to predict future achievement.

It is important to distinguish between interest, motivation and capability. Objective assessment provides a clear picture of potential and also guides strategies for increasing the range and suitability of options.


Are you forgetting things?

Do the names for things seem just out of your reach at times?

Are you worried about the future and how well your brain will work? The science of neuroplasticity has provided a new way to look at both maintaining and improving brain functioning.

Finding your current status is just the beginning.