In this song Simon and Garfunkle describe the way many leaders listen.

In a 2021 blog [There is sound in your silence: how to improve your communication knowing the 8 types of listening ] written by a guy known only as Patrick offers some good data about the ways we can listen.  He says you can hear better if you know the different ways of listening.

The 8 ways are:

Appreciative listening

You don’t pay any attention; merely listen.

Selective listening

Here you merely select the information that interests you and do not hear the rest.

Discerning listening

You listen to the entire message, and then select out those details that are relevant to you.

Analytical listening

You pay close attention to the information, but analyse it’s meaning and validity.

Synthesized listening

Here you listen but ask direct questions to elicit certain specific information. You shape the information.

Empathic listening

By listening with empathy you achieve a connection that goes beyond the rational: there is an emotional involvement.  You are totally present.

Listen carefully

[I think this is Empathic listening with different words.]

Active listening

This goes beyond empathic listening as it includes all manner of effective communication: attentive and analytical, you observe the body language, the speed of speaking, the tone of voice, and, of course, the message. You also hear what is unsaid beneath the words.


Listening Tips 

  1. Prepare beforehand, especially if the conversation is important.
  2. Be aware of your biases, expectations, and judgments.
  3. Don’t interrupt; let the other person finish talking.
  4. Match body language voice tone and mindset.
  5. Listen much more than you speak.
  6. Be curious and ask respectful questions.
  7. Arrange for the conversation to be safe from noise and distractions.

Did you listen? Really?